Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Enterprise!

I made this little bit of craftiness over the Thanksgiving Holiday and have been holding out on posting it until I gave it to my Secret Santa at work... or I guess that would make me the Secret Santa. Either way the one receiving it was a Trekky and was very happy with it.  I was excited to make it as well, since there aren't any patterns out their for the Starship Enterprise.  I did find a ton of R2D2 and Star Wars amigurumi patterns which made me wonder where all the trekky crocheters are at.  So here it is! To inspire those who love crochet as much as I do.. and some Star Trek.

There isn't really a pattern for this one its just two discs with a band, some cylinders, a coat hanger and some foam lettering. I guessed on most of it and got it done over the span of an evening and afternoon.  Not bad for my first attempt at aircraft I have to say.